Photo Courtesy of Craig Primas Photography  

The Dixie National Forest supports a wide variety of wildlife species that include cougar, bobcat, blue grouse, golden eagle, cottontail rabbit, wild turkey, antelope, several variety of deer and the Utah prairie dog. It is not uncommon to see large birds of prey such as Falcons, Hawks & Eagles showing off their impressive wing spans while soaring over the area.

Our area has a vast and varied landscape terrain. You will find hiking trails that fallow along the top of deep canyons boasting sheer red rock sides, spectacular rock spires (hoodoos), fascinating lava rock hillsides and majestic mountains. However, the vast majority of the landscape in the immediate area consists of mountain meadows and rolling hills covered in beautiful stands of Aspen and conifers such as pine, spruce and fir trees. A variety of wildflowers are in bloom throughout the spring and summer seasons. Once the fall season begins, the Aspens provide a spectacular range of colors from vibrant yellows to deep reds.

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